Technology FAQs

Should my child have a device?

Every student should have received a device that will follow them through their senior year of high school.

What if my child never received a device?

Your child should see Ms. Legg in Room 322.  If confirmed, a device will be requested for your child.  Ms. Legg will notify your child when the device has been received.

What if my child lost their device (Laptop/Hotspot)?

If the device is lost/stolen, the parent should make a police report.  Students should bring that police report to the Information Technology Department on North Avenue or if you are not able to get to North Avenue, bring the police report to Ms. Legg in Room 322.

What if we need internet?

TMobile hotspots are available to families without internet.  The device has to be returned after senior final exams.

What if the device is broken?

Parents should turn the device in to the Information Technology Department at North Avenue.  Once the broken device is turned in another will be assigned.