Technology FAQs

How do I log my child into the computer?

When you turn on the computer a login screen pops up. Click in the box for username. Type your child’s [email protected] Then click in the Password box and type BEstudent19 .

What do I do when I login? Where do I go next?

After you login sign into the Clever portal every time. You should see a blue C on the desktop or you can go to

On the website click Student and scroll down to Online Tools. Click Clever Portal. A box will appear and you should click on Login with Active Directory. Clever will open and you can go to Google Classroom to see what the teachers have for your child to complete and for Zoom links.

Why am I not able to connect to Zoom?

Click on Clever and find the Zoom app (blue camera). Then type in [email protected] for the email address. Follow to Baltimore City Public Schools. Next type [email protected] and BEstudent19 as the password. Click Create an Account. Then click on Join a Meeting (upper right corner). Type the Meeting ID (located on the teacher’s Google Classroom). Lastly type the passcode (also found on the teacher’s Google Classroom) when prompted. You are logged in now!

What do I do if I need help?

Call the District Student Support Line at 443-984-2001. If they tell you to contact your school, you may call Ms. Matthews at (443) 984-3164.