Welcome Back to School
Welcome to 2020-21!

As we plan for a beginning like no other, we have seen in the past, our focus will still be to ensure that:

every child, every day is finding a way to feel connected,

every child, every day is being challenged by new learnings and experiences,

and every child, every day knows they have a champion they can turn to.

Spring of 2020 has challenged staff and students to find a new normal for learning, connected us in new ways and required our champions to champion from afar. What I have most learned through this process is how much I appreciate the expertise our teachers bring to RAHS, the ways in which our students continue to work hard to grow and overall, appreciation for the little things in life – giving a high five, a hug or being able to laugh out loud with many people around. What I MOST appreciate about RAHS is how even under circumstances we have never experienced we are still a learning and caring community.

Normal is such a simple word and it is our goal at RAHS to not only find our new normal, but to use this time as a learning experience that will forever impact the learning environment of RAHS . Every week there are new types of learning experiences teachers are piloting and much of what is learned will
continue to be used in the future. Our fall may not be “normal,” but our learning will not only continue, but it will thrive. We can’t wait to move on to the next phase of learning under Covid-19 and we know, all returning and new students to RAHS will be welcomed with open arms (from 6 feet away) to our
community – we will continue to grow!

Renaissance Academy High School is a small school with the opportunities of a large campus, which we know is why many of you entrust us with the education of your children. Our staff at both the campus and district levels prides itself in ensuring that our students have as many, if not more, educational and extra-curricular opportunities as students in much larger schools throughout the county. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards so that there will be no shortage of opportunities for your student to feel challenged on a daily basis with high quality instruction and have a wide variety of options to get connected to their school and fellow students. Champions come in all shapes and sizes, and at any point in time. There will be champions by your student every day, with relationships built over time, but some champions just appear when you need them the most. It is our mission to make sure every child knows that when they need a champion, RAHS will provide. Without our community support (Promise Heights, DMHH, Ravens, FFE etc.) we would not be able to connect and challenge our students as much. Thank you to the many community organizations (too many to be named here) for being our champions!

How do you get information (CLICK HERE)? At the end of the first day of each week RAHS will send you the RAHS Family Newsletter. It is organized in a fashion that the most critical information is at the top and as you scroll down the newsletter the information becomes more oriented toward the future. This is your “one stop shop” to stay informed about the happenings of our community. The RAHS website is a place to go to pull static information, facts about RAHS that could be important for a family at any point of the year, for example, the bell schedule, the school calendar, how to log in to Google Classrooms, etc. Another way to receive personalized information and be engaged in conversations related to the RAHS community is to attend our virtual monthly PTSA meeting where special guests will present important information about RAHS . RAHS is a dynamic community; if you want to be involved and don’t know how, contacts us. We can connect you to a cause, action or person that will help you, the families of RAHS , be connected to our community.

Thank you for your patience. Even if you do not agree with every point in our plan, I hope you will know that we care deeply about our students and that we will continue to work hard to do what is best for them.

Many of you have reached out to me over the last few weeks, and I have attempted to email all of you back. If I missed any emails, please forgive me, and follow-up with me. My intent is to always reply, but I admit that my inbox is pretty full. I care about each of you and this community and want to be responsive.

Our students and families make our school community the caring place it is! We will get through this together. #RenaissanceStrong


Tammatha L. Woodhouse